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This game was real fun! I just forgot to try the UNDRESS spell on some of the characters... But hey, finally I got my shirtless friend!

I was surprised about the realistic body movements (barkeeper, dancing twink). Would it be difficult to add different clothing and the possibility to (un)dress during the game? I'd love magic armors that look almost naked ;-)

I am used to press the space bar to jump. Maybe better use the enter key to start spelling. The idea of typing spells is nice but think of the gay chat generation where almost nobody can type one word without typos...

The mouse wheel camera could be faster and for my feeling in opposite direction.

I programmed some years ago a gay chatworld (gaymechat.com) in Flash. Unfortunately it was not very successful because most gays are only into dating and not into games. Flash ActionScript was cool to make a character with clothing, inventory, chat options etc. but too limited to make real 3d worlds...

What about VR? I just got a HTC Vive and would be excited to play a gay game with it. Imagine the straight guys who could once in VR try out a really nasty gay cruise.... Can your engine do that?

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Hey! Thanks! I'm happy that you liked it :-)

Thanks for the feedback on the controls. It looks like I should add a proper "option" menu with mouse sensitivity and key rebinding. ... But I'm completely hopeless at user interfaces xD (The speech bubbles in the game took me way longer than I care to admit ;-)

The game is made with the Unity engine, and so the characters + animations need to be imported from another source. The pipeline that I use for that was

FuseCC -> Mixamo -> Unity (All are currently free)

FuseCC is a "sims"-like character creation tool, that you can then one-click upload to mixamo which is a library of character animations. There you just select the animation that you need (Unfortunately: no anal sex animation available as of now :-/). Then I download the .zip and drag-and-drop it to unity, and bish-bash-bosh I have my animated character. (The whole process takes about 15 min)

So if I want to add more cloth options, I would just need to design some new character models in FuseCC, and then import their model in Unity, and they should work out-of-the-box (all the guys use the same "bone-system", you can use the same animations on all of them).

As you said, it would be fun to have a "shirtless / underwear" mode (maybe as an easter-egg ^^) But the only problem is that the "bulge" that you get by default in FuseCC is rather... small... So I would need to do a bit a editing of the 3D models by hands. I did that for my previous game (and I also made blowjob / handjobs animations), but I'm really not a 3D artist so it took me forever xD (And the competition is fierce now on 3D genitalia ^^)

I've just tried your game (I had never heard of it before. How old is it??). As you said, the 3D environments are a bit... boxy and there isn't many people online :-/

To make the 3D world in my game, I bought for 60$ a set a 3D models and assembled them in Unity (It's a bit like building a house in sims actually). So far, I got 33$ out of the sales of the game, so I'm *almost* even ^^ (Thanks btw! oh, I'm also Swiss. I used to live in Lausanne :-P)

I've never tried VR (I actually do all my gaming on a macbook xD), but that should be the future of virtual gay sex ;-) That's a new opening market ^^ (I think Unity support VR and it should be a "one-click" process to bake a VR compatible game, but I can't really test it :-/)

Hehe, talking to a Swiss guy around the world about virtual dicks... Did we ever meet in the real world? Maybe even touched each others cock at a foam party in Lausanne? - Check my profile at gaymeboys.com (BjoernSunshine)! I live near Zurich.

The gaYmeChat was made about 8 years ago. I didn't update it anymore after iOS marked the end of Flash and most gays told me that they are only interested in simple chats for fast sex but not into playing games that require some brain activity.

VR is absolutely awesome and worth a try. You really believe you're in the game... I just checked the website of unrealengine.com. It's for free now and used by AAA games for gigantic and super detailed worlds. I never heard of Unity. Which one is the best engine today?

The animations of Conan are impressive, but I would certainly die in the game while spending too much time watching my own dick ;-). I don't like multiplayers so much, because you only have a chance if you quit your job and spend all your life in the game.

Do you know http://mmoboys.tumblr.com/ . It's just a showcase of gay mods but there's a guy who spends hours of designing cute game characters... Unfortunately I don't have the time to do this as long as programming gay games isn't paid as a normal job.

When playing games I prefer the direkt first person view. When I move around in third person, I cannot aim precisely and often crash into walls... But in first person I can never admire my beautiful game character. So why not create a game world with mirrors? Isn't that possible with today's game engines? We already have reflections in water? So how to do a mirror? Reflective surfaces? Additional viewports? Ever tried?

Talking about AR and the future of gay sex: I wrote a book about that last year: www.bjoernsunshine.com (could be a great game story too)

Hey! I've just checked your profile on gaymeboys and I don't think that we ever met IRL, I was in Lausanne only during 2007-2013. I was an active member of plan-queer (the LGBT group on the unil/epfl campus). I mean... "active" :-P

I've never really tried anything with unreal. So far I only used unity (i think it's somewhat friendlier to newcomer). It's possible to make a reflective surface: apparently, you can take the standard bit of code in C# that deals with a water surface and remove some of the effects (to have a "still" water surface) -- but I don't really understand how any of this works xD (I guess I would not bother and just buy one... I've discovered that's, er, a way to solve a lot of problems in game development)

Ahahah browsing mmoboys is a great time-waster ^_^ It's a bit like ImaginaryGayBoners.

I wish I had found your book when I was still in Vienna, I was always looking for gay-themed sci-fi um mein Deutsch zu üben ;-) (There is a gay book shop in Vienna called Löwenherz next to a gay Café (Café Berg) I spent *a lot* of time there ^^ That's basically where I wrote my phd thesis too