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Thanks a lot!

Are you sure it was the level 1 tomb dungeon? There's no clear indication right now. I never found them too hard, but maybe I have to tweak them.

The graveyards have the same probability as all the other dungeons, so maybe you got "unlucky" :)

Yup, secrets are still missing! In every place you find a treasure chest on the overworld, there should be a secret! Burning bushes, bombing walls, killing some enemies to reveal a hidden chest you name it.

The world map is accessible just like the dungeon map. Although I'm gonna redo the whole map menu. It has way too little detail.

Yeah, followers are pretty dumb. They just blindly follow you haha.

I've started work on the desert biome, new forest types are definitely coming man!

Yeah the Lich attack is tough man. The great fire ball he throws can't be blocked, so you have to avoid it by walking away. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I'm excited for more feedback! :)