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Ok I Played it for a few hours and here are my initial questions and observations and suggestions so far:

-The new features and minor classes are great from what I can tell.

-level 1 grave dungeons & Lich are WAY TO HARD! He 1 hit killed me with level 2 and 3 gear with that one attack! Needs more difficulty scaling unless I just chose hard one but it was way too close to the starting village.  Ghosts should be 1 or 2 hit kill at first. Grave yard dungeons are also a bit too common so far. 

-could use more smaller secrets. So far every secret Ive found is a full dungeon of some sort. Could use stuff like secret shops, camps, or kooky old men who give advice, or want to trade items,  give quests, or just say "get out!" Lol

-the gray mountain/cave rocks should be much more common and perhaps make up larger sections of the forests. It will make bombing to find a cave a bit more difficult (less obvious), offer more visual variety and you can even make bombable rocks that block paths.

-Different forests could use slightly different color schemes like shades of green or other fall or dead colors.

-Yay Zelda 1 overworld! Glad you went this direction!...but is the world map gone? Haven't run into it or found the option for it yet.
-mushroom enemy jumps too far for level 1 area in my opinion
-spike traps kill followers too easily...timing issue mainly. It would be nice if they were a bit smarter about that.

-have you implemented burning bushes yet?  If so, how do you burn them? Sorry I haven't played around with this much yet and haven't read the changelog if there is one

More to come once I play it more

Thanks a lot!

Are you sure it was the level 1 tomb dungeon? There's no clear indication right now. I never found them too hard, but maybe I have to tweak them.

The graveyards have the same probability as all the other dungeons, so maybe you got "unlucky" :)

Yup, secrets are still missing! In every place you find a treasure chest on the overworld, there should be a secret! Burning bushes, bombing walls, killing some enemies to reveal a hidden chest you name it.

The world map is accessible just like the dungeon map. Although I'm gonna redo the whole map menu. It has way too little detail.

Yeah, followers are pretty dumb. They just blindly follow you haha.

I've started work on the desert biome, new forest types are definitely coming man!

Yeah the Lich attack is tough man. The great fire ball he throws can't be blocked, so you have to avoid it by walking away. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I'm excited for more feedback! :)