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this game is fucking brilliant and has an amazing gameplay, concept and art. Some real good shit in here and its not only an outstanding rage game, its hilarious and has it moments, the extras are worth finding out and [SPOILERS ON COMING] the gag that you can wear had me pissing myself, very worth while, ill defs be pissing off my friends with this one, great work creators!! On another note, the stereo mix is amazing for the sound track, its really hard to not appreciate the movement between the ears and its a great compliment to the gameplay as well. You really thought about everything on this one! I made it to 50 seconds tops and I have one more extra to find but it has been many hours of frustrating fun [spread out over a few weeks because this game is rage worthy] an absolute unit of a game and the pace is great, GREAT WORK!!

Wow! Thanks for the amazing review! I'll check out your video soon :)