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im with you on this

Wonderful, a deep insight into benefitting all.  Also a very clever and educational game. I found this piece as a highs school senior and now as I am due to graduate my first university degree, I still find myself returning here to relive this experience, to remind me of why I do what it is I do. Thank you.

Beautifully created and written, the craftsmanship is wonderful and the concept on time is moving, 

thank you for the game!

this game is fucking brilliant and has an amazing gameplay, concept and art. Some real good shit in here and its not only an outstanding rage game, its hilarious and has it moments, the extras are worth finding out and [SPOILERS ON COMING] the gag that you can wear had me pissing myself, very worth while, ill defs be pissing off my friends with this one, great work creators!! On another note, the stereo mix is amazing for the sound track, its really hard to not appreciate the movement between the ears and its a great compliment to the gameplay as well. You really thought about everything on this one! I made it to 50 seconds tops and I have one more extra to find but it has been many hours of frustrating fun [spread out over a few weeks because this game is rage worthy] an absolute unit of a game and the pace is great, GREAT WORK!!

Stunning! It was fun, the mechanics are smooth but a little unrefined but the art is beautiful, a simple but amazingly done concept, well done!!

Wonderful and a wake up call. 

I remember playing this in high school about two years ago now and to this day, I love this game. Its only taken me forever to finally create an account on but i'm so glad to come back and say how amazing your work is, your concept absolutely resonates with me and this is very high on my recommendation list and i'll be sure to support you on Patreon!!!

This game absolutely moved me. Simple yet so powerful and real, so relevant to our lives today. The game play was fluent and easy to handle, even on my keyboard, the music was greatly adherent to the game and I cannot get over the game concept, i'm blown away, a job well done and I cant wait to see what else you come up with