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I love this! Really nice! Excellent visuals with that TV filter, solid audio.

I actually wanted to make something very similar to this---my brainstorm notes says "Racing game that turns into flappy bird that turns into 2D top-down shooter which turns into visual novel dating sim that turns into clicker game that turns into platformer that turns into simple puzzle game, etc." 😅 Obviously very overscoped and silly... this is a great implementation of the genre-swapping concept!

I really love how smoothly the car swaps into the rocket and vice-versa. It feels really good. That's probably the highlight of the last few itch jams I've played through.

Lovely work!


Thank you! Again, I am glad you liked it! I got my inspiration from a game combining the platforming and rpg genre (I forgot the name) and I actually got this idea before the jam. I thought it'd be fitting with the theme and easy to execute.

It worked out really well :)

I cannot stress enough how nice that transition is from car to rocket...

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