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The only question I have is are we just grinding to make coins over the long haul? or Is there a dungeon to fight in and build up stats lols? I do like racing this is a neat twist on racing however I figured out betting on the Smallest "X" : 1 Ratio most times yields a win almost always so I bet on the 3 lowest I see and far as grinding is concerned I will always go up just due to pure mathematics! Maybe if coins started at 10 and there was more RNG maybe but mathematically speaking this is an uphill curve and likely I can push it to $20 a bet per 2 lowest and likely still be in the safety net of upward trend! This game is good I like it but I'm not sure this feels in the theme of Dragon and Dungeons to me, maybe if it was a Gambling at a Racetrack game! Given the Factorial of winning factors there is no challenge here at all as I can forever bet $4 between 2 "Dragons" in this case and always win over the long run! This is more of a solve the math puzzle game to find a rock solid maximum way of minimal losses tbh and really comes down to not even taking guesses! It was a fun game I hope I can see more! Dragons I can sorta see racing but this is a far stretch from Dungeon mechanics! :)

Either that with the numbers or I gotten lucky on virtually all of my races!  Which was like 5 races as a test pool! :)

You got lucky.  I don't think that strategy will work in the long run because the payoff is slightly less than the odds of winning.  Thanks for giving it a try!