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This post may contains spoilers. If you haven't explored much, you may not have encountered this part of the game. This comment is to address a possible bug with a choice at some point in the game, and is intended for the developer. Please keep that in mind if you continue reading.





Both of these result in the exact same response. If this was intentional; after the user clicks the "what just happened" option, you should have some text immediately after the player voices "No." that explains why they chose that answer instead of what the user had actually clicked. Otherwise, it looks like the second button leads to the wrong path, and thus seems like there's an entire route that's been blocked off.

I get it can misunderstood but the whole point is that your being influenced by her magic or something

Yes, but it was confusing to click one option and then have the other happen with no context given. Rolled back a few times cause I couldn't tell if I picked the wrong option, if the paths were assigned to the wrong options, et cetera. So I figured I mention it.

It's fine as is… but it breaks the immersion when the player is confused and the character is not.

I'd have put "you are compelled to agree with your hostess" when they choose the 'wrong' option; or not even bother with a choice at all, giving only one option to match the reality that there is only one outcome.

But, again, how it is currently works, for you. If I'm the only one jarred by the disconnect, chances are it's not a problem to your audience as a whole.

I vocalize my own experience, but that doesn't mean most players will feel the same.

But thank you for taking the time to read and reply. Enjoy your day.


And I just noticed you're not the dev…

if you sex up enough girls you can overpower her mind bs and have some good scenes later because of it. 

I've no idea how you can do that, since I don't know the different routes. I only encountered five fuckable women before this scene, six, technically, but two were part of the same event.