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Any chance of tooltips for some of the options in the menus? Also, any chance of a manual for covering things such as custom music?

Do you mean tooltips for radial menu items when clicking on cells or main menu items?

A full scale manual seems unlikely for now, but the way that custom music currently works is that any Ogg Vorbis music files placed in the custom_music/background or custom_music/interstitial folders in your user folder (access this by selecting "Open User Folder" from the settings menu) will override existing game music if they share the same filename, or be added to the relevant playlist if they don't.

Hope that helps!

Main menu items certainly. The radial menu could do with them, too.

Explaining the difference between background and interstitial music might be helpful here, too.

An interstitial track is played between every background track unless there are no interstitial tracks to play.

I forgot to follow up on this, but main menu items now have tooltips, and the Beepedia exposes further information about topics relevant to each radial menu option :)!