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I finished the game. Pretty cool. I'm curious what happens if you don't collect all the @ symbols but not enough to restart the game.

I have one criticism:
There's a bit after "The light dim from lack of oxygen", "A s" then "nae" grouped together. This makes it impossible to proceed. The N and the E block the A. Previously, you could leap on to words out of order but I just fall thru "person".

Then I discovered you can throw your head with space. I don't remember that being a function because I hadn't used it til then. There's no instructions on the game's page either.

There is just a different message if you don't collect all the @ symbols so you aren't missing much.

The controls are on the menu and there is a hint about throwing the dot in the previous level I believe. Getting "sane" is meant to be a section to reconfirm the use of the dot. But I guess I didn't make it clear enough and I will for sure add the controls to the description for quick reference. Thanks for the feedback.