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Agree with B. Rich - nice, original concept and a funny backstory! The commentator works well, too. This seems like a concept that could be developed further. There some unresponsiveness, or at least that's what it felt like, when I sometimes couldn't click on the dragons. If the buttons are disabled, they should maybe turn to a different color so it's more clear. Sounds of the dragons running and roaring, and crowds cheering and booing, would be nice. I assumed there was no ending to this game, so I just bet all of my money until I lost in the fourth race. I spotted ZYXXY twice, but not 42.

I made a game for the jam, too, "itCompany". Feel free to leave feedback if you like!

Thanks for the feedback!  You're right, there's no specific end (unless you run out of money).  Great ideas about the background noises, too.