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Really nice puzzle game. The "immune to undo" mechanic is good and the puzzles stay manageable from the size of the play area (unlike traditional sokoban games, that get big and include many boxes).


I started playing version 1.1 and now see that version 1.3 exists. Starting version 1.3, I can switch between the earlier puzzles and the latest one (the game correctly remembered how far I got), but I cannot actually play any puzzle. Clicking on the picture, or the level number or hitting ENTER or SPACE will not do anything.

Is this the expected behaviour (after all, this was a 'cold upgrade') or is there some way to continue with version 1.3 without the need to redo all the earlier puzzles?

Hey Ingix! Thanks for the feedback. I just updated (v1.4), you can now click the level image or number. ENTER should work if navigating with arrow keys (SPACE should now as well).

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Thanks, works like a charm!

New question:

I'm in the early 20's levels were differently colored boxes need to be placed on differently colored targets. Now the targets have letters as well (correspondig to the colors), but the boxes don't. Is there a reason for that? I assmued it was done to possibly compensate for color-blindness, but if the boxes don't have the letters, that makes no sense.

I tested with a friend who is "red-green" color blind (the most common) and he helped me pick colors that he could easily distinguish. The letters were actually just an aesthetic choice, but you're right - adding them to the boxes would be a good fail-safe. I'm on it!

Done! (v1.5) :)

Done as well (level 30)!

Thanks for the game!