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A friend was saying that they "need an app" for their Chrome Book, I'm not sure if you have any knowledge about whether the app is available to make this really extra easy for such people?

I'm not certain! I don't have any first hand experience with Chrome OS.

Did a bit of looking.  It doesn't look like it is as simple as it could be.  It looks like it would be just downloading, and then running that.  Which for someone who, "needs an app" probably wouldn't work.  

Hmm yeah. I don't know whether the Itch app is available through any vendor provided distribution channels (most distribution platforms don't like having clients for other distribution platforms available).

If it's running an ARM processor or something else that's not x86_64, that's also likely to be a problem for Hive Time.

I hadn't even considered that it might be an issue with the processor.  It does seem that there are possibilities that it would not really work with a standard x86_64 or AMD64 build (more or less the same, but somewhat different).  I don't really know if our laptop would work, and it *seems* like a lot of the chromebooks are similar processors (eek).