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I can fight her again, but she don't drop another lemon, and if i fight her one more time, during the battle she is invisible (and you can't attack, you get stuck)


The game should be fixed with the latest update. Thanks for letting me know!

Thank you for fixing it! :

Be the way, i found a very useful glitch/easteregg, when you are in the space ship, if you click and hold on a planet, you will fly to it with berdy, when you release the button you will skip the meteour/asteroid part, is this a glitch? if so, please don't remove it, it's really useful :p

Hum yeah, it's a glitch. Ok, if it doesn't bug you I'll leave it.

Don't know where to search for the boat map.

Somewhere in the countryside area.

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Finished the game, i had a great time playing it! i do have a quetion though, what do the handsome magic do?, when i use it i start to dance and can't attack anymore.

I actually added that spell for no reason, because I needed a spell to fill in for lemon, so it might have glitch. I'll try to fix that.