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Thank you for fixing it! :

Be the way, i found a very useful glitch/easteregg, when you are in the space ship, if you click and hold on a planet, you will fly to it with berdy, when you release the button you will skip the meteour/asteroid part, is this a glitch? if so, please don't remove it, it's really useful :p

Hum yeah, it's a glitch. Ok, if it doesn't bug you I'll leave it.

Don't know where to search for the boat map.

Somewhere in the countryside area.

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Finished the game, i had a great time playing it! i do have a quetion though, what do the handsome magic do?, when i use it i start to dance and can't attack anymore.

I actually added that spell for no reason, because I needed a spell to fill in for lemon, so it might have glitch. I'll try to fix that.