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While Minoanon is addressing the Luke kerfuffle I'd like to go over the second half of your post. I'm juggling the idea of making a more detailed screen for choosing your player background considering the features we're going to add to build 03 (for example, your background giving you passive bonuses, tweaking some of the mechanics, giving you access to different guests, or exclusive dialogue choices)
I think it might be distracting if in the middle of the introduction of the game where we're trying to set a mood, we were to frontload all this information about the rest of the game. I get where you're coming from, there's value in making an informed decision, but it  kind of ruins the mood that scene is trying to set and spoils some of the things to come.
But hey maybe I'm alone in this, so this is something I'd like more people to weigh in on. Should I add a screen giving a small description of the different backgrounds, or should I leave it as it is to not ruin the mood?

(Also, I feel like I should clarify that ideally no background will be better than the other, especially on the subject of Asterion's affection). Player characters of different backgrounds should be able to win Asterion over in their own ways, so while the current maximum affection is only attainable by players with the arts background... who knows? Maybe on the next build the tech players have a chance to do something that really impresses him. We want to validate player choices and make sure everyone gets their chance to shine so this is not something you have to worry about.)
Thank you for bringing this up, we found it honest and constructive.