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I don't necessarily dislike Luke that much, I'm just really uninterested in American Patriotism as a quirk/character trait. Especially in the current political climate, I just feel exhausted seeing patriots portrayed in media. I know we've only seen a short bit of both Luke and Kota, and his character has more depth already than just patriot horny bird, but it's hard to remember that with his clothes and how the UI changes for his text. At the moment I don't really have any ideas or suggestions for what to change about him, I hope other people who reply can give better feedback than I can. Great work so far though, and I can't wait to play the future builds!

Thank you for your point, Sukrin. I think this is a matter where listening to different perspectives is really important, you see, because nanoff and I aren't American. Even if we follow the news about Trump we don't get the whole picture of the day-to-day.

Do you think what you've felt towards Luke is something many other players are likely to feel?