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The game is very good. I love character design, history and graphics.

However, I think it is quite incomplete (I am going to put next the things that I think are “Fundamentals” that are not there and those that I would simply like to see “auxiliary”):
+There are no sex scenes with the characters, only with the monsters.
+The story is very short.
+Cece's design in the sex scenes is nothing like her (She is white and not yellow, she has big, non-normal tits)
+Even though you have the money, you can't buy prostitutes.

+I would like to change the language (English, Spanish, etc ...)
+I wish there were more poses in the sex scenes.
+I would like the sex scenes to include sound (groans or something).
+That depending on your actions you can have sex or not with a character in the end.

I hope you consider my criticism. I think it is a game with a lot of potential and from Argentina I wish you the best.

PS: Sorry if my "English" is bad.


study english


Study me this.





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a= ay




or write english in your very old english book


this game seems to be fairly new possibly not even a year old so it is understandable that there is quite a lot missing, I believe within a year from now they will have plenty of fun stuff