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im looking and I don't see any guides and shit like that anywhere im not sure if im not looking in the right spots or if the only thing that pops up for this game is descriptions and downloads if anyone could tell me how to complete the side task sister where art thou it would be apreciated

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NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Asuna.dialogs.GalleryEvents.UnlockScene (Asuna.Dialogues.Dialogue dialogues)

That's what it is I typed it out since I don't know how to screen shot and I couldn't copy and paste

Edit: the same thing happens after I try continueing from the hotel same text popped up in consol

im haveing problems with discord at the moment but I found out why I couldn't get consol up before I had to turn it on and yes some red text does come up when I get the blurry pic

sadly I can not it doesn't come up at any point in time when I try it doesn't happen before or during

right so awhile back I posted a comment about not being able to access my saves and not being able to start a new game and you said it may be a corrupt save well recently I deleted all the downloads and redownloaded the most recent one and my saves became accessable again so I deleted all but the very first one and found that the furthest I could get to is the first meeting of the inn keeper and then It freezes so I deleted the save but low and behold every time I start a new game its the same thing I get past the first bit of diolog between karan and whats her face and suddenly it just goes to a blury picture of them in sprout form when the soldier was suppose to talk to her about jenna. I got no clue whats up with the game weather theres some kind of bug some people are having or if its just my laptop or if all hp laptops are having problems got any advice?

ok so id like to try playing this game but unfortunately every time I download it shows up in my downloads tab as the internet explorers symbol and when I click on it it opens a tab for internet explorer saying downloads and makes another copy of it giving me the choice to save or open and if I already clicked save it gives me the chance to pick open with but I don't know what to open it with im on an HP laptop any advice?

So iv been following the game for awhile now but ever since 3 updates ago I haven't been able to play any version of the game every time I open up one of the versions I downloaded it pops up with a character that's got no features kinda like a manikin and all my saves either got deleted or just don't appear and I get a choice to skip prolog or go back and whenever I start a new game I either cant move or it wont even get past the first cutscene am I the only one whose had a problem like this and is there anything that can fix it?