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The game is good, but it would be better with some audio. Even if it's a little background music.

I love comics but, when will a game update come out?

I still haven't tried x3

Oh thanks for the reply. There is no problem that you have been late.

By the way, your game looks very good.

I do not know why but the game is shown with the smaller screen and the attack buttons do not recognize me (Q or right click)

I can't collect the seeds because Mabel always appears to me.
Is it a bug in the game or am I doing something wrong?

I see a lot of potential in this game but I have a couple of negative reviews.
Personally I liked more like the monsters from before (More furry style and less anime style) except Cece (she does look good the way she is now).
The plot of the game is very interesting but I feel that it is very incomplete and erotic scenes with the protagonists would be missing.
I think that the body of the protagonist and the male wolves are extremely unreal, as if they had gotten 5 kilos of steroids.
Still, I think the game is very good and that they can go very far if they continue with it.

Where is the download link?

More or less when will we have the option to change the language?

By the way, very good game.

How can I put the game in Spanish?
In options the button to change the language appears but I cannot press it.

Study me this.

The game is very good. I love character design, history and graphics.

However, I think it is quite incomplete (I am going to put next the things that I think are “Fundamentals” that are not there and those that I would simply like to see “auxiliary”):
+There are no sex scenes with the characters, only with the monsters.
+The story is very short.
+Cece's design in the sex scenes is nothing like her (She is white and not yellow, she has big, non-normal tits)
+Even though you have the money, you can't buy prostitutes.

+I would like to change the language (English, Spanish, etc ...)
+I wish there were more poses in the sex scenes.
+I would like the sex scenes to include sound (groans or something).
+That depending on your actions you can have sex or not with a character in the end.

I hope you consider my criticism. I think it is a game with a lot of potential and from Argentina I wish you the best.

PS: Sorry if my "English" is bad.