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Hi, I've only just discovered this great title. I love this kind of game! :) I agree that AY music would be nice, but I do appreciate that this game was finished 10 years ago and you're not going to return to it. I also understand that some developers like the consistency of having the 48 and 128k play (and sound) exactly the same.

However, if you're ever looking for AY music any time (perhaps if you make a sequel to this), then AY music is my speciality (and my passion) and I'd be happy to contribute for free. I can provide music and effects in a self-contained player format that's relatively easy to add to a game :-) Just putting the offer out there in case it's of interest! :-)

Anyway, great little game! Well done!

Many thanks, I’ll keep you in mind for any future games that need AY music, but yes, no further development will occur on this game.

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Cool :) This is my profile on Spectrum Computing, in case you want to get in touch: