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Thank you for the support, but it’s simply not worth the time and costs associated with producing a mobile version for such a crowded platform which is also so predominantly free-to-play.  The donations for the game on here wouldn’t even cover the development license.


Oh. Sorry, I don’t know then :(


He’s on Twitter and has his own Melkhior’s Mansion link, so you should be able to find him.

Thanks! It’s a long time coming, but hopefully it’ll be worth it in the end.

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it! 😃

It’s actually pretty difficult to play the original - I had to buy a Psion 3 and the game cartridge to play it and compare it against what I’d written. Horace’s scream is a sample taken ‘live’ from that machine!

Many thanks, I’ll keep you in mind for any future games that need AY music, but yes, no further development will occur on this game.

The game should basically work, but there will be long pauses before it can be played whilst the map data is being correlated. it’s been many years since I played it last, but I seem to remember that it can be completed by collecting all 8 keys.

sorry to disappoint you, but no - this game is now over 10 years old, and won’t be updated for 128K-only music.

Very glad you enjoyed playing it. Maybe try one of the two Stranded games, or the isometric W*H*B or X=Y=Z puzzlers next, and consider making a purchase if you can?

Sorry, but no. They are hosted here so people are directly given the opportunity to support me via a donation, should they wish to and enjoy the games. If they are hosted elsewhere then I immediately lose any chance of that happening. 

No, it’s a game, with a background story about a medical virus

Yup! Do you have a question or review?