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I'm copying this from the other review I left on the older post, mostly because I think everyone should play this game and really give it a try.

(Some mild spoilers below)

Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

Which one I liked best.. Its such a match between Reska and Rama..

Mitra was kind and caring though I felt like the game wanted me to choose his route so much it made going after him feel expected. Those little old aunties are persistent!! I also wish Mitra had been a little more flawed. Loosing ones temper really isn't a flaw when you're running a whole tribe! Rama had issues, real issues, and Reska made us work for his friendship and trust, my only complaint with Mitra is that I feel like, not that he threw himself at Tamara, but just that she didn't have to do anything, or really try, to win over his affections. I guess it just felt like he liked us for being different, you know.. falling out of the sky and all, and less so for us earning his affection. But the whole reliable husband/future father attitude he has was really nice and refreshing <3

I liked Rama's because it was emotional and very heartfelt, the loss of a loved one and learning to let go of your anger. I felt a little frustrated with how often he got stupid ideas in his head though (I won't say so I don't spoil anything though). He made me love him in an exasperated kind of way that was both endearing but also very frustrating when he wouldn't believe the things I'd say. He was the easiest for me to sympathize with but it took me longer to really fall for him, he was just a little too good at holding Tamara at arms length.

I think thats why it makes me like Reska the best, he was a good combination of a hard won friendship, commitment and approval. He didn't trust us, and we had to earn his friendship, it was also nice that he actively pursued Tamara when he liked her in a straight forward way. He didn't dance around the subject or push us away without reason. He also seemed the most human, isn't that odd? I guess Mitra felt a little too... adultish, he is very responsible which I love but he didn't go out of his way to be affectionate in the way Reska did (If you can't read between the lines of what I'm saying, I just mean that Reska seemed a lot more sexually interested in Tamara than Mitra did). He also wasn't perfect in the sense that he wasn't really powerful, he worked and trained hard, he didn't seem as strong as Mitra or Rama, but he still risked life and limb to achieve his goals.

What makes you consider to play this game?

Honestly, the artwork caught my eye first, I was looking for visual novels to play, and the story seemed alright, not exciting, but alright (Boy was I wrong!) I actually played it last out of a series of three others and I don't regret waiting, but it was the best of the three hands down! Honestly it was the story and the culture and the myth and legend that you wove into it. Having not experienced these cultures first hand, hearing about them in a novel was fantastical and engaging. I absolutely loved that about this game, it wasn't just surface level ethnicity, you took elements from history and culture and blended them nicely into an entirely new world!

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

I loved it, the art was nice (There is one CG where Tamara's eye is too close to the edge of her face and it kind of weirds me out) but overall I think the storytelling was strong and engaging, the characters and their development won me over and made me love each and every single one of them. (And I played Rama's route first and it made the other two so much harder to watch!) If you're reading this and haven't played yet, play in the order you like but don't be surprised when it tears your heart out!

The next best thing aside from the characters was the music score, honestly I don't know if it was free, done by friends, or what, but it was put together in such an amazing way! It really ramped up the tension or brought down the mood into something far more somber.

Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

Woo, questions... you're going to make more games right?? Honestly, that was one of the best VN games I've played in a really really long time and I've been playing VNs for about 10 years now. The replayability was fantastic, though I think having the fast forward and rewind as actual buttons on the screen would be better because not many folks new to VNs will know which buttons usually do what or know to look in the ReadMe file for instructions.

Constructive critisms... hm.. there honestly wasn't much I didn't like about the game, you gave each suitor great character and depth, my only advice would be with the art (I'm sorry the eye thing really creeped me out!) Although I realize not everyone is a world famous painter, I think just a tiny but more work there would have made this game the best (not that it isn't incredible already)!

Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

You're making one right??? :D And Yes! I would totally support a kickstarter or patreon account if you made another!!! I plan on buying the free game since I played it and loved it as soon as I get paid, it was worth it, and honestly if I saw that you sold games I would totally pay for those. O////O oh gosh... if you made extended cuts for the suitors on this game, like a little add on chapter or as its own little chapter or even a spin off chapter where when you go back to your world and have your suitor turn up there, I would really buy that!!! >/////< Hehe, I loved this game a lot!


Oh gosh, I feel so guilty now that it's been forever since I last visited my itch.io page and found so many kind reviews in here >///<

Sorry guys! I've been away since I'm focused on doing my job as CG artist at a VN kickstarter called Queen's Crown and my new VN in progress; Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. I updated every Monday in Lemmasoft and my Facebook Fanpage if you're curious ><

Ahem, so here I go with replying the comment section; again, I'm really sorry for these super late reply Q_Q

Hi Artemis!

Wow, I'm blown away by your enthusiasm and love :'D
This made my day a lot brighter and motivated me to do better + faster progress in my next VN! I can't wait to show it to you guys, really x'D

1. Ah, someone that understands Rama's complex and bitter-sweet story!
A lot of people chose Reksa for the reasons you listed but the majority of them didn't like the 'darkness' of Rama's story, so this is great! -and yes, Mitra is a lot 'mellow'er than Rama or Reksa :'3
You see, I was kinda experimenting with 'light-hearted/easy' story + 'medium' story + 'hard' story and see if my audience will like them or not. So far, 'medium' (Reksa) wins!
I have to admit that his story developed better than I thought it would be; especially the sexual theme. I didn't expect it to be that... intense? x'DD Gosh, I'm still blushing whenever I read his romantic scenes... What was I thinking when I write those? Hahahah, anyway! Sometimes, things that I didn't plan to happen, happened by itself when I write/program his story. The same also happened with the other's routes!

All in all, thank you for giving all three of them a chance!

2. Yes! I love indonesian culture and hope to insert them into my VNs as much as I could. I'm flattered to hear you like the story though :'D there are still so much to learn and I hope to write more interesting stories in the future. I just hope you're patient with me since I write slow ><

3. Hahahah, yes I noticed that the art is problematic -Oh, don't get me started with the quality control :'D I've always have been unstable with it and it have just improved a bit last year when I started working as CG artist in Queen's Crown. Gods, I owe a big one for my boss since she helped me breakthrough the quality control thing x'D

But hey! Thanks for reminding me and I'll do my best to keep up the good story-telling :'3 credits are to the awesome BGMs and the bloody SFXs though x'D I'm a bit of a perfectionist and irritated myself with them lol. That's why it took a long time for me to program them to be honest :'D

4. Yep, my next project is Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle. I always update on Mondays in Lemmasoft or my facebook fanpage if you're curious about it! xD Stalk me if you want. I love my stalkers! *cough*

5. Aww you made me blush, saying my game is good enough to be sold >///< I'm really hoping Bermuda can make it in IndieGoGo but it's still a bit far in the future. I'll be depending on you to share it later :'3

It's been really fun reading your comment, Artemis. But the most important thing that moves me is... as I read your review, I can't help but to grin like an idiot over here :'D

There's nothing I can add since you know my babies so well like they're yours and there's nothing I can ask for more. This is the best thing a developer could ask for; players understanding my 'baby', had fun with it, immersed in it, and loving it; if not more than I do.

I hope to see you again in the future!