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Oh thank goodness ^^; I got a little worried. You always hear about how writers and artists are the professions you only go into if you intend on being a "starving artist" haha. Good to know the team is going well ^^

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When you say "quality of life issues"... is everyone ok? You guys weren't the starving "quality of life issues" kind right? 

Haha, I went fully expecting Mr. Casanova to piss me and what do you he's actually pretty sweet.

Kinda scares me a little tho not gonna lie. 

Mr.Grumpy pants isn't so bad, he's the responsible type and I appreciate that but I'm cynical af so his idealism is a little too much for me. 

Gotta say, wasn't really expecting glasses to make me glaze over into "customer mode" too many years as a cashier has me slowly backing away from his type, even if they're sweet, they don't know when to stop.

Oh god I almost died xD

I forgot all about this post (I do that, I frequently forget this entire website exists)

ONLY TO OPEN TO THE WEIRDEST REPLY EVER (out of context at least)

I don't think I've ever hit the "See Parent Post" link faster. Heh... parent post. Lol.

Have there been any major updates about it yet? :D

Dear gods I really need a longer attention span. Its been over three months haha ^^; Forgive me...

As to answer your questions, as far as courting goes, the Phoenix seem like a very proper clan, I can't imagine anything too inappropriate happening under with Lady Jasmine around. So I want to say I'll give everyone a fair go but I do really appreciate forwardness so Chase certainly has an advantage ^^ I guess it depends on who's personality I like better?  I can't say I've spent nearly enough time with any of them to decide who I like the most just yet.  I wanna be like "Oh I'll go for everyone!" when in reality I'll probably pick one, that I will obsess over unhealthily for the end of all time and it will probably be a blocked path because I always pick them and please dear gods above if there is one thing I can beg, plead, cry for, DONT MAKE A BLOCKED PATH CHARACTER.  T___T PLEASE. I've gone through it so many times now and it makes me feel like such a shitty person grinding through everyone else like a psychopath just to be with the person I want T__T


Unless you're feeling sadistic, in which go for it.  Far be it from me to ruin your fun ~<3

As for the art update I think the sprite art does look a bit better. I say a bit because I couldn't honestly remember what I disliked about the original ^^; I just have a vague recollection of it weirding me out..? Either way it looks good ^^ any improvements you've made definitely made a difference.  She still seems young  but I think I'll acclimatize to it once the game comes out if it hasn't had any major updates by then. 

Well I went through them all.

Boy I abused the load/save button.

Did Viv norm routes,

Did the Viv Yandere routes

Did the I AM VIVDERE routes

And did as many as I could with glasses on/glasses off just to see the differences.

Have to say, I'm a little disappointed there was no hanky panky time with the stalker even in the Vivdere routes towards the end :< So sad.

But it was fun! I have to say though, I spent 15 scrolling through all the files trying to figure out how to "break the game" without breaking it for real only to realize it fixes/breaks itself essentially. 

*Clenches credit card and whispers*

Please come out soon... I need you.. 

Ah, so much to cover..

I like it. So far. Most of it anyway.

I've noticed some have commented Ambrosia being a different artstyle, and while I get its a beta so not everyone has gotten the same revamp yet, it does end up being very striking as her smaller eyes makes her look even more childlike than her more cartoonish predecessor and leaves me a little... Uncomfortable pursuing anyone with her character aside from Chase who's rather young looking and acting even if he's the most straight forward of them all.                                                                                                                Arsenik seems horrendously too old for her in comparison, Viktor just a tad given his rather chirpy attitude and cutesy face but I just shudder at the thought of Night being anywhere near our little marshmallow let alone our unknown caller. (Sorry Signor Blanket but this version Virgo Ambrosia is waaaaay too little and childish for me to even consider even you.)

The music was lovely, and it carried the game well through the different settings and tensions. The ending credits seem so upbeat and techno it clashes with the game, kind of like the "Bleeding out" or "shot" endings from Don't take this risk (which actually made me mad because I was genuinely upset with the ending, then to be greeted with blaring techno music straight out of a rave was just..). Ahem. I'll leave that rant for another day.

The art, goodness I loved the art, of course not everythings perfect but goodness some of those scenes were straight out of a triple A production level good! Forgive me I'm gushing ^^; But really honestly the scenes from the "prison" are the best so far, the art is just incredible.

What did I like the best... hmm.. Honestly Viktor and Chase are still my favorites even with Arseniks new artstyle. Even though nothings really changed for them I still like them best.

Don't get me wrong, its not that Arsenik isn't fun in his own way, he really is, and he DID save us at least once he's just frustrating because he won't just spit it out when I KNOW he can. I just like more... forward and honest guys like Chase who kinda just go for it. Or the fumbling "I have no idea what to do or say" kind like Viktor.  Viktor is seriously the cutest of all of them all :3 I just wanna wrap him up and cuddle him

Alrighty. I think... that was everything. Aside from a review I left, but yeah, I'm liking how its going so far. I just hope that once everyones art is on relatively the same page I'll stop feeling so disturbed about 13 year old looking Ambrosia running around in ribbons T__T

The agony, I want to get all the endings so badly but I can't stand being mean to Arsenik ;~; The guy is too sweet, please tell me there isn't any ending for being a jerk?? I can only sorta of be rude to Barium but only because the dudes got a harem and expects me to take him seriously >:\

oh really D: I didn't know that about Renpy games, thats understandable then ^^ I'll check out the blacksmith video tho :3 I just like suggesting games that I think will make people squirm -w-

*Achievement unlocked: Noticed by Senpai* >/////< Hehe I actually forgot I commented and came to check if it was out yet xD But No I totally understand :3 I have no issue with waiting for games especially when it means that the quality will be better for it <3 I actually think it reflects well on the designers/writers/developers when they would rather push something back a bit to make it better than to rush it out half finished for the sake of an arbitrary date. I mean lets be realistic here, I'm going after that demon god booty whenever it does come out regardless ;3

I'm copying this from the other review I left on the older post, mostly because I think everyone should play this game and really give it a try.

(Some mild spoilers below)

Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

Which one I liked best.. Its such a match between Reska and Rama..

Mitra was kind and caring though I felt like the game wanted me to choose his route so much it made going after him feel expected. Those little old aunties are persistent!! I also wish Mitra had been a little more flawed. Loosing ones temper really isn't a flaw when you're running a whole tribe! Rama had issues, real issues, and Reska made us work for his friendship and trust, my only complaint with Mitra is that I feel like, not that he threw himself at Tamara, but just that she didn't have to do anything, or really try, to win over his affections. I guess it just felt like he liked us for being different, you know.. falling out of the sky and all, and less so for us earning his affection. But the whole reliable husband/future father attitude he has was really nice and refreshing <3

I liked Rama's because it was emotional and very heartfelt, the loss of a loved one and learning to let go of your anger. I felt a little frustrated with how often he got stupid ideas in his head though (I won't say so I don't spoil anything though). He made me love him in an exasperated kind of way that was both endearing but also very frustrating when he wouldn't believe the things I'd say. He was the easiest for me to sympathize with but it took me longer to really fall for him, he was just a little too good at holding Tamara at arms length.

I think thats why it makes me like Reska the best, he was a good combination of a hard won friendship, commitment and approval. He didn't trust us, and we had to earn his friendship, it was also nice that he actively pursued Tamara when he liked her in a straight forward way. He didn't dance around the subject or push us away without reason. He also seemed the most human, isn't that odd? I guess Mitra felt a little too... adultish, he is very responsible which I love but he didn't go out of his way to be affectionate in the way Reska did (If you can't read between the lines of what I'm saying, I just mean that Reska seemed a lot more sexually interested in Tamara than Mitra did). He also wasn't perfect in the sense that he wasn't really powerful, he worked and trained hard, he didn't seem as strong as Mitra or Rama, but he still risked life and limb to achieve his goals.

What makes you consider to play this game?

Honestly, the artwork caught my eye first, I was looking for visual novels to play, and the story seemed alright, not exciting, but alright (Boy was I wrong!) I actually played it last out of a series of three others and I don't regret waiting, but it was the best of the three hands down! Honestly it was the story and the culture and the myth and legend that you wove into it. Having not experienced these cultures first hand, hearing about them in a novel was fantastical and engaging. I absolutely loved that about this game, it wasn't just surface level ethnicity, you took elements from history and culture and blended them nicely into an entirely new world!

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

I loved it, the art was nice (There is one CG where Tamara's eye is too close to the edge of her face and it kind of weirds me out) but overall I think the storytelling was strong and engaging, the characters and their development won me over and made me love each and every single one of them. (And I played Rama's route first and it made the other two so much harder to watch!) If you're reading this and haven't played yet, play in the order you like but don't be surprised when it tears your heart out!

The next best thing aside from the characters was the music score, honestly I don't know if it was free, done by friends, or what, but it was put together in such an amazing way! It really ramped up the tension or brought down the mood into something far more somber.

Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

Woo, questions... you're going to make more games right?? Honestly, that was one of the best VN games I've played in a really really long time and I've been playing VNs for about 10 years now. The replayability was fantastic, though I think having the fast forward and rewind as actual buttons on the screen would be better because not many folks new to VNs will know which buttons usually do what or know to look in the ReadMe file for instructions.

Constructive critisms... hm.. there honestly wasn't much I didn't like about the game, you gave each suitor great character and depth, my only advice would be with the art (I'm sorry the eye thing really creeped me out!) Although I realize not everyone is a world famous painter, I think just a tiny but more work there would have made this game the best (not that it isn't incredible already)!

Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

You're making one right??? :D And Yes! I would totally support a kickstarter or patreon account if you made another!!! I plan on buying the free game since I played it and loved it as soon as I get paid, it was worth it, and honestly if I saw that you sold games I would totally pay for those. O////O oh gosh... if you made extended cuts for the suitors on this game, like a little add on chapter or as its own little chapter or even a spin off chapter where when you go back to your world and have your suitor turn up there, I would really buy that!!! >/////< Hehe, I loved this game a lot!

How about Don't Take This Risk?

Cause I'm an asshole ^^

;3; *Whispers* "Sexy character poses"

*Clicks "Go Home."

"Why would you do that?"


No but seriously I was an asshole to everyone on the assumption that maybe it would carry over and I could at least get a pat on the head, or the ass, really I'm not picky -////- I just wanna love up on da sexy six eyed hunka demon meat is that so wrong???

PS: Dear gods I hope this gets finished soon! Its looks so damn good!!!

*Hyperventilates laughing* What the hell did I just play!?!?! Omg, that was too good... Oh god my sides hurt like hell though!

Seriously, the art is fucking beautiful, and if thats the way I die so be it! There are certainly worse ways to go ;D