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Hi, do you know how to run on Mac? I downloaded the HalloweenSpecial, unpacked the .rar file. Then I see an application, but then there is a pop-up says "The application “EcchiSensei” can’t be opened." I also get the same behavior for the other packages in the list that are identified to be compatible with Mac.

Ok, I solved the popup issue with a "chmod +x /" in the terminal.

However now when I click on the Application nothing happens. Again, same behavior also for all the other packages listed as compatible with Mac. When I click on the Application nothing happens.

Ok, I found the issue, there was another file with execution permission issues at 


The same problem plagues all the packages. Now I can run.

Ok, now it crashes over and over with python path issues. This game has not been thoroughly tested on mac...

it's true. we had some mac problems in the past. but they are gone since the beta of day 10+11.

our mac version now is stable. For unstable previous STANDALONE versions: we work on it.

Halloween special isn't a standalone version.
"Fapoween 2018" was puttet into the canon story of week 1 and ended up in an dream sequence.

Same goes for "Fapoween 2019" which will be also merged into "Week 2"

OSX binaries still dont run.

What did you do to open the file on not very good at this... did not understand what u did?