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Project is inactive and Patreon page doesn't exist?

Lane's walkthrough gives you money cheats (90,000 bucks) and other fun stuff. :)

The worst that could happen is to play it over from the start, it's not like some/most of us haven't done that already at least a few times because it was that enjoyable.

Report them, I have.. I waited to see if they would make an effort to correct it but it appears they do not care.

OSX binaries still dont run.

This seems like an underhanded way of saying "yes, patrons only".

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I purchased but the codes sent for the download, the application claims are invalid. WTF? :/  

I'm all for kicking money to creators for stuff but this is not cool.

The link titled walkthrough that goes through Mega is bogus too, MEGA says it was removed because of TOS (copyright) violation. Are you intentionally fucking with people or this is coincidence?