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well, now that I was going to try your solution, the game is no longer available to download for mac. So I bought it, and still can't play it.

9 months later and the game still doesn't work on mac

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LOL. Ain't that how it always works out?

Upload it to Google drive and share the link. I'll update the file and post it to my google drive and share the link back to you. Or wherever you want to post it. If you have a website, or if you want to send it to an email....up to you bud. I'm on discord too.

I'm not sure where to find it, but if you want to send me your game save, I can put it in your inventory and send it back to you.

I was confused by the same thing. Icon shows Linux, but the text says Mac.

for Mac users, quoting these instructions from below. The developer needs to do this to future files, but in the meantime, do this for yourself.

Seems that you have to change the plain text file to unix executable file (worked for me) : - Open terminal , type chmod +x (with a space at the end, and do NOT press enter yet) - Then, drag Contents>Mac OS >Dreams of Desire from the Finder and drop it on top of the Terminal window. The file path and filename should automatically fill in (and you should ensure that there's a space between "+x" and the file path). -Press enter. Repeat this process for the following 5 files in Contents>Mac OS > lib>darwin-x86_64 : DreamsOfDesireEP5, python, pythonw, zsync, zsyncmake Hope it works for you to

Let me know if there's any way I can help walk you through it. Zoom, FaceTime, Discord,...whatever.

so in the scene with the whip and the gimp... please tell me an update will let you drink your fill. If not, seems like such a wasted opportunity otherwise.

Currently, best girl is Melissa. 

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on  second thought, I may have to deduct some stars for how oblivious the main character is. He does  make me angry a lot.

It's a very well-told story. You get 10 stars out of 5... if I could.

I just installed the latest Java and now the game runs. Thanks for that. It begins in another language though, which is confusing. 

Is this Russian?

This is a really well made, fine-crafted game. The only complaint is how short it is.

How do you play this on a Mac? It's an .exe file and a .jar file.

My favorite characters are the twins. I hate the main character though; he's too much of a creep.

as soon as I heard that Hamilton song, I quit the game. My current solution is to mute the music and open my own music library.

Where are the audio files located, specifically the music? I'd like to replace the songs in the game with music that I like.

Sweetener - Ariana Grande.

Doesn't open on my iMac.

The game doesn't open on my iMac. It says, "

The application “DesiredLove” can’t be opened.


Still won't open.

I can't wait to see it.

Dude! I think you just made my favorite Visual Novel to date. Congrats.

"any males" what/where? There is another male teacher, or are you asking if there will be a male transfer student at the all-girl school?

60 million kilometers is 60 million thousand meters. I honestly don't know much about distances in space other than light years. Would "60 gigameters" be appropriate? Is that a thing? Entertaining story so far.

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The main character looks like a meathead Guy Pearce. Also, I can't tell you how many of these visual novels I've played now but so many of them use the word "glans" (including this one) and I doubt actual people say that. Still, it's an entertaining VN so far.

Please see my comment above. I had the same problem but now it's solved.

Please see my comment above. I had the same problem but now it's solved.

Please see my latest comment above. I had the same issue but it's now solved.

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Edit: Solved.

How do you run this on a Mac? I read through some of the other questions but didn't see an answer so I'm asking again. I purchased Week 1 (FULL) at more than $10.99 but can't get it to open. I tried both the 17GB version (which took me a couple days to download with the Mega cap) and I tried the heavily compressed version for mac and neither open. I'm on Mac OS Catalina.

  1. Extract (unzip, unrar) the game.
  2. Open Terminal (the app can be found in Launchpad)
  3. From within Terminal, type "cd" followed by a space, then drag and drop the folder you extracted (from step 1) into terminal. For me, that resulted in this text:

    cd /Users/taz/MEGAsync\ Downloads/EcchiSensei-Week_1-FULL_ver
  4. Press return
  5. copy/paste the following, then press return.

  6. A lot of text will be displayed in Terminal. Type the following code (but do not copy/paste this as it won't work)

    :set ff=unix
  7. press return
  8. Type the following code (but do not copy/paste this)

  9. press return.
  10. open the Game. It's located inside of the folder you extracted (step 1). The icon for the game is a person in panties. (You can close Terminal.)
The application "Game" can't be opened.

I purchased the game at $5 yet none of the Mac versions open for me. It gives the above quote.

macOS Catalina 10.15.4

My ending had everyone pregnant: all the sisters and side chicks. good times.