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Fantastic game. Love the art and the music, and the battle system was great. I wish there were more weapons choices per class, and you had a little bit more customization, but I assume you already have all that planned out for the full game. The only big problem I had was training with a new character- getting the first few levels can be tough due to how weak a new character is, but then once you get past that they become slightly overpowered. I would much rather have either a stronger start/ easier first few level ups with more grinding or challenge later. Especially when I first started the game, it seemed that everyone on either side took 2 hits to kill, so it felt like playing chess with 4 pawns against 4 pawns, not 2 knights and 2 rooks against 3 knights and a bishop.

Can't wait until its released!

Thanks for the feed back and glad you liked the game! We are definitely in agreement with you on the difficulty curve and have a plan to (hopefully) make it a little more fun for new players and ramping up the challenge as you get deeper into the game.

The UI is coming along nicely (we have a few screenshots on our twitter account https://twitter.com/depthextinction) and has a lot more options for character customization and several new equipment types. We will be posting more about this soon!

Next steps: a possible update for the demo and early access.