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The game is cute, I really like the looks. 

Here's what I thought:

- Movement should be faster. Really, it's annoyingly slow.

- Pig's "speech" with the puzzle solution should stay on screen a bit more time the first time we get him.

- When passing through the side doors, the ears can be seen coming out of it and over the wall. 

- When passing through the door down, in the next scene the fox is too far up, it should be closer to appear coming out of the door.

- The puzzles are good for a start!

Really like it, looking forward to see it becoming a full game! Congratulations!

Hey! Thanks for the comments, we are glad you liked it.

All your comments are true: about movement, the ears and other masking issues and the dialogue.

Working on it, thanks!

- On a PC, when using a keyboard, it's super counter-intuitive that one needs to double-press space for an action to be taken.

- The canon in adventure games dictates that all combination locks must have protection against brute-forcing. I.e., no solution should be accepted until the clue is seen.

Hey! that's true and that's a problem we have on the second puzzle. Thanks!