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A member registered Sep 13, 2019

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Bug report: bash the enemy while jumping = Ctrl+W, which is simultaneously a shortcut for closing the current browser window.

Still not solved.

The Linux version is too crashy.

The game is entertaining, but after the boss fight, and "Spotty, quick beam me bac to base", it is not clear whether the game is over. I can't do anything, but the controls are still active, and there is no "You won" screen.

Not sure what to do after a successful boss fight. After that, falling becomes slow, and there is a hint that the way is up (because there is no visible ceiling), but no idea how to reach there. No double-jumping, no flying.

Possible bug in world 1-1: if a box is pushed all the way to the NPC with the microphone, there is no way to push it further or back, because talking has priority over pushing.

- On a PC, when using a keyboard, it's super counter-intuitive that one needs to double-press space for an action to be taken.

- The canon in adventure games dictates that all combination locks must have protection against brute-forcing. I.e., no solution should be accepted until the clue is seen.

Controls are too hard. In the shaft after the basin,  I just  cannot climb walls reliably. The "wall-jump then dash" trick that I have seen in the walkthrough looks impossible.

Fighting with the ghost on the green-torches scene is way too complicated, cannot get past it.