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The Demo says I need Japanese Language for it to work.. do i need a Japanese Language for the full Game as well ?.. also.. do you need to restart or load a save if you get a bad ending/ lose combat ?   

and also. what is the Combat like ? is it turn based or action ?

oh one more question.. what kind of hentai stuff can i find in the game ? I mean what fetishes/kink s?

what specifically does it say you need? you should be able to google it. is a typical rpgmaker game with the rtp seperated since they get used in a lot of games. if its just dlsite saying you need japanese something they're wrong.

yeah this ones a game over game. turn based combat. its pretty tough in places, since i hadnt adopted game overs for bosses only yet.

the fetishes mostly focus on yuri and female enemies since armor break was the main lewd skill here (like how tying enemies up was the main thing in majo)
but the bosses also include fetishes like hypnosis, an orc gangbang, slime impregnation. tentacle suits.
be sure to download the demo from dlsite though, it will probably say you need this

ok thanks for replying :)