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Can I cheat to win battles ?  oo   :)

I like the art and sex.. not a fan of losing battles lol 

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ok That puzzle in the first floor of the Tower is unsolvable.. nothing happens when I try to use the buttons.. also.. when I tried to pay the succubus to solve them the Game froze  Oo

ok for some reason.. if I save adn then exit to menu and hen reload the save  and then speak to the Succubus the Game does not freeze

Hope you can sort out the little issues .. enjoying the Game a lot so far :)

ahh ok. That is a pity :|

Nice :)

ok well hope you find a way or speak with the coder, can`t play the game otherwise :)

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So are these walkthroughs going to be updated as the games get updated ?

Is the Voyeurism based on minigames or just VN ?

ok Thanks

Very nice and sexy looking girls :)

Looks promising :)

Unusually for me I enjoyed this one, since I am not personally in to Femdom. But I guess I do like watching cute boys getting fucked, so Great job lol

So the MC is male only ?

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This looks quite good so far, finally had time to try it out. Hope this game gets more content soon :)

A question, does the choices between dom/ sub take the game down different paths or are they just flavor ?

ok Cool :)

I would prefer just to buy it on and not deal with steam, since I don`t trust steam with any adult games 

Steam Key !??!?!?!    :(

I was enjoying the Game until I had to do that training thing, then I lost interest sorry, more sex and less action is my kind of thing. 

That said, this is a really good game and hope you do well with it :)

Is this game still being developed ?

Why would  a retired Hitman be in to Femdom ? The mention of femdom actually makes me less interested in this game, so I think I will pass on this myself . Best of luck though   lol

So each chapter is a separate Game ?

I would pay for this but I only have Paypal and I do not see an option to pay with Paypal 

ok Thank you 

ok Thanks

So if you lose combat the game does not end ? can you keep progressing after losing combat or do you need to redo the combat that you lost ?

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So This is a combat Game ? also does the game end if you lose a combat ?

ok Thanks

ok thanks :)

Looks interesting, will wait for more content :)

Is there skill based fighting ?  or just following a story ? and H scenes ?

I like the idea of Passion, but not too fond of Blood lol, 

SO is there like violence and stuff in the game ? 

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Is there sex ? and what kind ? and is there skill based stuff, I am not very good at quick movements with my mouse or keyboard ?

How do the fight work ? are they minigames/ skill based or just story driven ?

ok Thanks, I got this to try and it is being downloaded now :)

Is Episode 8 included in episode 9 ? or d I have to download them individually ?