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Sorry to hear about your loss.. thank you for uploading the Game 

Fair enough I guess.. but it does kind of detract from the immersion.  

ok ty

hey.. that sounds like a  recommendation for me  :D

is there an English version ?

The artwork look great,, but,, English in the description is a bit alarming lol

Not a big fan of Mini Games.. but I like the idea of the game.. will give it a try 

are there cheats for money and stuff ?

Is this game finished or still in development ?

I do have to ask.. how the English translation ? 

 I would gladly buy the game if but I  need to know if the English is understandable and correct,.. as I can not speak or read Chinese..

is the MC male ? I would love to lay a game with a female cop.. but male cops bore me  lol

No worries.. Really looking forward to what you do :)

ahh.. I only like Femdom when it`s between females..   :|

anyway.. best of luck with your work 

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ahh well

I still think it`s good so I`ll give you a good rating ..  lol

are there cheat codes ? I keep losing ..  :|

Two questions.. does is the MC always male ? 

and are there any cheat codes ?

is the MC male or female ?

are there any cheat codes ?

 I like the CGs  and the RP , but I don`t really like grinding to level and stuff in games .. so that`s why i`m asking  lol

cool  :)

cool lol

was the game re uploaded ?

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was there an update ?  the version on here is 0.15 and teh version I already have is also 0.15 .. ?

Never mind.. I found the 0.17 on Patreon    lol

ok.. Mystical sounds interesting .. I`ll give it a go   lol

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I`m stuck doing a repair task .. Fixing the light at the Entrance .. where can I find something to stand on ? the stools in the hallway doesn`t move and I can`t seem to find anything else around to use.. Please help  ?

Er never mind.. again.. I found a  stool in the kitchen ..

I have to stop getting so impatient  oo

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How do I get a fishing pole ?

Never mind.. old guy sold me one  lol

Good Game.. Good Start :)

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ahh cool ty :)

one more thing. I would like to get the game.. ( the full version) but I don`t use credit cards.. any chance of adding Paypal payments ?

so wait.. you date girls only or guys as well ? since it says you can message guys above.  just checking  

also.. no Harem options ?

I will give this a go.. though the bloody scene over there seems not really my thing.. is this about crime or mystery ? 

If you don`t like it.. then just move along  :P

cool no worries

ahh ok  ty

I keep getting the Day one when I try to download day 2   ???

how do I use the Patch ?

probably yeah lol

yeah.. i don`t see it either... but i got the option to use it where the teacher is doing the secret thing with the summoning thing outside .. i got it again several times.. but i never again got the option to use it.. soo  i don`t know lol

REally ??  lol.. ahh .. er.. ok then :P

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wait there is a an update ? but the version I already have has the same number as the version I see to download here .. ??

What is the Code for the cheat mode ?  is that still under development ?