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Yes! And very much so :) There will soon be a new release.

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So, miracles DO happens at Christmas/New Year... ~Yeeess~ I hope in a new update there is going to be a default/canon name for Guardian Spirit(GS) so I can know on which mythology is based on, and how we look.

I'm good and unsarcastic guardian spirit btw, I try to make everything well, and everyone happy(I wonder if we are not a spirit, but that person in balck cloth in the intro, their gender seem ambitiou,s so maybe they supposed to represent "in game, us?").

P.S - Oh, and I definitely support Shawn x Sarah, I hope there is going to be a option to let Shawn romance Sarah.


Haha, I'm happy to provide you with a miracle yes! :D 

Oh, I'm happy you picked up on the mythology aspect! I'm not sure if I want to give the spirit a default name, because I like it to be a literal self-insert for the player, at least as far as they know in the beginning. But the mythology and actual name of the game is based on roman religion where "Numina" is the plural of "Numen", the manifestation of the will of god which some cults even attributed spirit-like qualities to. It's really interesting to read and definitely informs the themes of the game.

Haha! Awesome, most people seem to ship Shawn x Cassandra. Regardless of whom you ship together, I'm happy to report that there will be romance options and many fun scenes in the 2nd chapter that explore the bond of Shawn and his friends.


It's just... for me, the way dialogue options are constructed, it feels like that "Numina"(Guy or girl, wait... Can Numina pass as guy's name? Ehh, I don't know. If there is not going to be a canon name, I will use Numina for female, and Numen for male. Even though in the game's context it may turn out weird...) has a character beyond player's insert, altrought maybe it's just my imagination. ;P