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I played this for hours last year, just about to download it again. Awesome game. Really is. Best on itch.io that I've played.

Read a comment down below about it not being pricey, I presume that you've thought about the pricing, I was just wondering if you were thinking around the £5 mark, slightly less or more? (Understandable if you don't want to elaborate on the price details).

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$5? Naaaah, I gotta eat. $12 to $15. It's a big game. You'll get your money's worth.


I'd gladly pay 15-20 USD for this masterpiece. even as a demo this game blows most indie games out of the water.

Can't believe this was two months ago almost. Guess I'm giving into the temptation, take my money you beautful individual. Best fucking indie game ever