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Well, Yeah, that goes without saying. Everyone should be able to experience this masterpiece; consoles and PC alike. Although developers tend to neglect mobile consoles which is a real shame.

I'd gladly pay 15-20 USD for this masterpiece. even as a demo this game blows most indie games out of the water.

Fantastic game, Can't wait for the full release. I would also love it if it came out on mobile consoles like the Playstation Vita, indie games like this belong on the Vita.

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It's alright for what it is. The problems are very apparent however. It's just too simple and to easy. I beat the game without my health dipping below 90%. There is so much that can be done to make the game better. if the developer reads this I hope he gets a few ideas.

the pacing and speed of the game is good, but the combat is too slow for it. you move fast like a classic first-person game, but the slow combat just drags it down.

The enemies are too stupid. making the mele enemies more agressive would do this game good.

I don't know if there are ranged enemies in the game, but if there are, that's how useless they are, I didn't notice them. put them in places out of the way or out of reach.

add more ranged units like mages or warlocks

the fog. get rid of it, it does nothing for the game, just impairs your vision.

add blocking and a heavy attack to make the combat more complex

make the game more difficult, make every second that you're in combat feel intense and like one mistake can finish you

minor complaints

Maybe fix up the running animation? It's a little silly

the sound effects aren't great, they can use work

the music sucks; there is no music

the maps are too similar, but this wouldn't be so much of a problem if the combat was good enough

Overall the game is impressive to show what one or a few people can do, but it's more of a tech demo than a game. Definetly will check up on this games progress from time to time and update my review. Hopefully I didn't come off as too critical.