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Was reeeeaally liking this game but it seems 2 of the guys that did the soundtrack have been copyright claiming people who did let's plays of the game, including myself (and poor Neco Sergal who seems to say the same thing down below this comment).

DO NOT upload a let's play of this game to youtube unless you're cool with getting content claimed by these guys.

Sorry to hear about, I’ve talked to the artist and they explained it may be a problem with distribution, and it will take time for any changes to reach all services.

Gotcha, if this was unintended then I'll go ahead and remove the post made regarding it when the changes happen. Thanks for looking into it!

The problem I have is that the dipshits who work at RouteNote are 'selectively', one or two videos at a time doing copyright claims. It's almost as if they're being assholes on purpose by wasting our fucking time. They aren't copyright claiming EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that we have on the game, they're doing it Slowly, one at a time. THEN? When you tell them "I have a CC License", they release the claim - 

Then they copyright claim one or two of your Other videos all over again, and you have to re-explain that you have a CC License to this retarded company 500 times before they stop. It is basically harassment at this point. That no matter what reasons you provide to them, they won't fuck off, they release the claims knowing they have no foundation for the copyright claims - but they don't whitelist your videos and they keep sending copyright claims, and again - Not on 'all' videos of No Delivery, but just 'one at a time'. This company seriously needs to die and fuck off.

really sorry you’re experiencing this, and I have talked to the artist regarding the soundtrack and they were surprised by their distributor’s behavior as well.

As explained in above comments, it remains to be seen that the distributor acts on recent changes in licensing