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Options and credits dont open. P.S. What engine did you use?

Yeah I know haha, Still gotta work on those thank you, It is written in a custom engine made for my games! (it may become public at some point relatively soon though) What did you think of the game in general so far? :)

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It's really fun! I am a huge fan of roguelikes so that's pretty much a given. Though the reason I mention the options is because the game is a little too big for my screen, so, it would be great if you could work on that. Thanks!

And one last thing, with the parts that you find laying around, do you get to build your own weapon?

Ok, the real last thing. what does g do? it isn't on the keybindings but it opens up something. Galaxy map I'm assuming?

Ok. hopefully last edit. I am kind of lost when i play an a spaceman because I dont know how to get off of the ship and i cant find any space suits. could you give me some help?

I am glad you like it!! Yeah we are working on window resizing :) yeah the guns are made up of parts, select a gun with "E"  and select "view" you can see procedurally generated gun and all of its parts, you can detach any part and reattach them to other guns! :)