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Game Maker Studio 2 :)

There are a lot of different types of gas! be sure to (l)ook at things, that way you can see what they are! You should be able to shift+d yes, unless the ring is cursed, frozen or sentient (in some cases)

Thank you for your criticism! Firstly you eat corpses! you need a hunger gem to grant this ability but I do plan on having bagels/donuts you can pick up and eat later, Is the Heat bar not visible for you? right between the game view and the ring inventory there is a long vertical bar that says heat, if you cant see that bar please let me know! Yes there are quite a few gems like the point, radius and beam gems (among others) that grant the ring the ability to create effects at range but perhaps I should add more, I felt like they were far to common so perhaps in your two runs you got unlucky haha, I am not sure what you mean about the smoke and fire, could you explain alittle further? :) I am glad that you think it has potential and I agree that certainty is very important, Do you have any other thoughts? anything else I could do to improve clarity? 

Thats very odd then, Ill look into i

Very strange, have you been able to run any of my ASCII games before? Its using the same engine so if so it should work

Thank you!

No doubt, I am going to be adding a controls menu in-game pretty soon, until then I will add those keys to the description, yeah that D key thing should have been removed before posting but I forgot it was even there!

Thank you! Yeah the controls are pretty bad right now, Any ideas on how I could improve? Im planing on reworking them soon.

Thank you! Yeah its tricky, I tend to try to get the enemy ships to kill each other but its tough!

Thank you, Yeah I think maybe halving the recoil would be a good idea, some of the recoil is way to high.

Thank you! Yeah it takes some time to get used to, It is very challenging!  

So glad you like it!!!

Thank you Oref!

I'm glad you took it as a coffee-break Roguelike, definitely a design intention! So glad you enjoy it :)  

Im very happy you like it! :) Thank you for the comment!

Thanks! I'll be posting another version soon! Trying to get the game back to a minimum viable product,  should be up this evening :)

Very impressive man, well done

Yeah Discord! Looking forward to talking more!

Thank you!

Very cool, did you use sprite stacking? or did you use Game Makers built in 3D functions?

What engine was this made in?

Haven't played this but I absolutely love the art style, DONT change it :)

Looks like it tried to generate a building that was too small lol, thank you

You don't have an Inventory like in most games, instead you can find all types of carrying containers like backpacks and shoulder bags to wear and store items in!

I am glad you like it!! Yeah we are working on window resizing :) yeah the guns are made up of parts, select a gun with "E"  and select "view" you can see procedurally generated gun and all of its parts, you can detach any part and reattach them to other guns! :)

Press "E" when the item is adjacent to you and then press "Wield in left/right hand", if you press "?" or "help" in the pause menu it will show you a list of key bindings :)

Yep, Still in very early access :) no wheres near done yet haha, sorry about that

It happens a lot haha, sorry about that

Yeah I know haha, Still gotta work on those thank you, It is written in a custom engine made for my games! (it may become public at some point relatively soon though) What did you think of the game in general so far? :)

Okay, go grab 0.2.0! in the pause menu there is a "help" option :)

Working on a menu to show that, I will write you when the new version is out! :)

I hope you like it! :D

Cool! Let me know what else you find :)

Lol quite a tricky choice, remember you can remove gems from rings with shift+d :)

I am glad you enjoy it so far!