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This is the best thing I've seen in a long time! But really? Nightmare? lol

Great game! I can see the potential in this. I love the concept too

Ah thanks, F11 works great, and for F5 i got "Demon thinks your desktop has a resolution of 1366x768, and is currently running a resolution of 1080x720 (1366x768 in fullscreen). The camera is rendering an area defined by (x:0.00 (107.00 in fullscreen, y:0.00, width:1080.00 (1152.00 in fullscreen), height:720.00 (768.00 in fullscreen)):11.25 (12 in fullscreen)". I am running this on Windows 10.

Oh, and have you considered making a discord server?

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just got this game, i heard of it a while ago, but just decided to download it. Its really fun! very unique too. A small problem i have is just the the window is a bit too big for my screen, idk if youre working on that or not, but if not, it can wait as its still very much playable. If there is a setting that i missed, let me know. but this game is great, i hope you keep working on it and and keep it amazing! 

finally found you, I've been looking for your game letown builder, and I wanted to say that it's a great game, loved it when I was younger. 

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This game dead?

Update: !SPOILER ALERT! The Draginslayer no longer appears in the fog giant's mouth, it is obtained from the Mrs. Slithers boss fight


HOL UP, this is the same dude who made Cat Stretch!

Please continue updating. This game is art

Awesome game Devin! Very original and the gem swapping can lead to some very interesting combinations

This game is really fun, and it's nice to see that the dev is still working on it :). Keep on working on it and making It great!

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It's really fun! I am a huge fan of roguelikes so that's pretty much a given. Though the reason I mention the options is because the game is a little too big for my screen, so, it would be great if you could work on that. Thanks!

And one last thing, with the parts that you find laying around, do you get to build your own weapon?

Ok, the real last thing. what does g do? it isn't on the keybindings but it opens up something. Galaxy map I'm assuming?

Ok. hopefully last edit. I am kind of lost when i play an a spaceman because I dont know how to get off of the ship and i cant find any space suits. could you give me some help?

Options and credits dont open. P.S. What engine did you use?

You still working on this?

What are you using to extract it? I used 7-zip and it worked.