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-What is the game?
the game is a tower defense style artillary shooter where you need to suppress
the incoming onslaught of donkeys.

-donkeys follow a path
-donkeys come in one at a time
-donkeys may come in groups, or individually

-place turrets and assets along the path to stop the incoming donkeys

-you win the level by killing all the incoming donkeys
-you lose the level by letting more then half get by

-you gain resourses by killing donkeys, or harvesting the area

-resources let you buy new assets or upgrade current ones

Calling it a night here, day one was a success.

Got the environment all setup, and got the donkey code working.

So the donkeys come in, they follow the path, and they get despawned at the end if you let them by.

So all is good.

For now...