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You "clip"/ go through the ramps which is a bit weird, they should be solid items. Also you should put a shadow texture for the player character (As of now you only have shadows for items.

Of course there needs to be more thing to do in it but that's a no brainier.

Stuff like:

-Ability to make boats

-Maybe add islands you can go to

-Add different types of fish you can catch

-Maybe have random generator for what type of shark will attack you (IE: Sand Tiger Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Thresher Shark and ETC)

-More plants (Wheat, Corn, and ETC)

-Bigger farm beds

-Crates (Bigger storage)

-Bow and arrow

-possibly of flooding on the raft where the shark can get onto the raft

-Rain/ weather system

as of now that's all I can think about.

Do you guys think any of these would be cool?

I actually really love some of the ideas you have, especially the flooding and weather one!

Though I just want to say that adding islands to the game defeats the game's purpose. Which is to survive on a raft and what's given to you from the sea.