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Hi again!

I have a doubt. I want to use Rm 2000/2003 graphics, so, 16x16.

So, how can I set the map size in Rm Mv?
My map in Tiled will have, for example, the size of 20 width(20*16) and 15 height(15*16).

So in MV I put the same size?

I notice from the Demo that is using XP graphics(32x32). But I can't understand how do you mane this proportions to Mv map editor.

In the map "FLAGS" it has the size of 20(20*48) x 20(20*48) in the Mv Editor. So, in TileD your size map has 20(20*32) x 20(20*32)?

Can you provide, alongside the demo, the projects in tiled too?

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If you made a new map in Tiled that's 20x15, then just input the same in MV. The XP one has a parallax image, using Tiled's export as image function,  that was blown up by 150% to fit the MV editor. If you're using 16x16 then resize it by x3. The reason I had to do this is so you have a visual guideline that allows you to do events. You are supposed to delete that Parallax when you release the game. Since this is a tech demo, I didn't do that.