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Hey, Caesar!

I must say this was so nostalgic for me, of course... a bit more spicy, furry and juicy hehe and I loved it! I played a lot of the good 'ol WitWiCS and to see a game, not just a game but a furry-themed game in the same genre is a great surprise, also, I saw your post saying that you got some bad comments about this one and you're not planning to make a sequel, but I must tell you that you're great man and are above those comments, I hope my comment and of course of all who enjoyed this game as well reach you and maybe someday... you'll keep this amazing game alive <3

I'm really starting to be an enthusiast of your work, also I'm glad we "meet" again, I've played the early version of Rest Stop long ago somewhere I can't recall, but I liked it, and to find out you're it's author is just awesome!

Wish you success in every project! =)  (and a big hug)


Thank  you so much for your nice words!