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Thanks :D

The game is tagged as erotic and the metadata is set as "Sensitive Content". 
I added the word erotic in the description.

Hi there!

At the moment there are no plans to follow this game.
I created it as a small proof of concept, but it never got that much interest, so it just didn't make sense to keep developing it.

That said, I changed the L block to be a bright orange color, that way it should have more contrast against the background and hopefully that would make it easier for you to play.

Thanks for the praise and for letting me know about this issue.
Please let me know if you notice any other visibility problem in this or any other of my games.


At the moment you have three endings, one for the minotaur, one for the dwarf, and one for keep working at the inn.

Yes, that's the plan :D

Thanks :D
There are plans to add more content to the game. 

There are no scenes with Duncan yet.
What you are missing is probably the regular ending (staying at the inn rather than going off with someone).

You probably need to talk to the bus driver first, but then go out for a walk, and not stop at the lumberjack.-

Thanks for the kind words ☺.

There are no plans to expand this game at the moment, but I'm focusing on making new games.

Yeah, writing is the part that comes harder to me, so I end up with descriptions and dialogues on the short side of things.

Thanks :D

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad it was enjoyable :D

Thanks for playing. There is a bit of extra content planned to be added to this game :D

Thank you so much.

There is some extra content in the works.-

Thank you so much for playing! 💖💖

Thanks :D

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you had fun :D

Good catch.
I pushed a fixed version.

Thanks man :D

(1 edit)

Some places might contain more than one route... after all the park is a big place... 😋

Colorwise or how it's written?

Really nice read.

I loved it.

The last gallery page only has two images (the last two of the mechanic).
Unlocked images are shown as a greyed out rectangle.

Well, that could either be the trucker's ending, or the kiss with Phil.
I suspect is the former. If that's the case, then you should use the cleaner stall at the start of the game, and try to hitch a ride with him later on.

Well, blonde is a common hair color, so I guess we'll never know...

Yeah, weird.
I mean, that is the file I uploaded with the game so it can run from the browser. 🤷‍♂️

Sorry, I never got around to give it mobile support. It should work fine with a keyboard. 

I have no idea why it shows that file there. Since it's not a game you can download.

Yeah, I thought it would be fun to add an extra detail like that. :D

Muchas gracias por jugar 😊

I hope you enjoy it

Best of luck with those finals.
All the dirty men will be waiting for you to celebrate 😊

Still have to make that pesky love potion so I can get me some of that shop keeper.
Also, I can't wait for the next update so my guy can raise his bitch stat more! 😜

Really fun game!
Had a lot of fun levelling up my man-whore 👍

Thanks a lot for the praise.
Since I was updating the engine, I decided to sneak a bit of extra content 😏

I hope you have fun playing it :D

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks a lot for the praise.
I'm really happy you enjoyed the game.

Thanks a lot :D

Thanks for playing. 😊