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We shall see.

That's the plan.

I'm glad to hear that.

All enemies have sex scenes, as well as a another character on each world.

At the moment I'm focusing only on having my games work on browser, since that way they can be played both on PC, Android and even IOS.

You can use the app to play the game offline on PC.

Thanks for enjoying the chubbyness of the enemies ♥

Wen an enemy shows up he will start the fight, and then you have options like "Attack" or "Seduce" to use on them.

Sorry, there are no plans at the moment to make it as a standalone app.
You can download it and use it through the app:

Mouse/Touchscreen depending on your device.

Sounds like the game didn't load correctly.
Try refreshing the page using CTRL+SHIFT+R to see if that fixes it.

That is not the Gym, that is the Stadium.
Both have locker rooms, so it might be a bit confusing.

The bag should be in the locker room during the day, after the Gym chapter is finished.

This game is only in English

I have paused the Patreon for personal reasons, and I think that is the reason it's not letting people to join at the moment.

If I'm not mistaken, he should mention something about Steve having a keycard.
You should check Steve's place to see if it is somewhere in there.

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At the moment my games are browser only.
Regardless of Patreon.

Saved data is stored in the browser, so it can be a bit volatile.

The credits section on the game has a link to the composer's site.

The game saves the progress in the browser, so  you can't use it in incognito mode.

In Auris revisit the Riverside and Lemnos City.
The other two are Duncan and King Ector from the Opponent list, you might have to defeat them.

Thanks, I'm glad you are having fun ^_^

In the guide? it just means that you can get it that level of friendship.
I thought it would be fun for people to try and figure it out.

Yes, I haven't gotten around to fixing this at the moment, since the character doesn't have a higher friendship level at the moment.

1) I am aware of this issue, and while adding a map that keeps track of the people is not something that is on the scope of what I can do, newer chapters will start to add text telling you where you can find some characters depending on the time of the day (the latest chapter that at the moment is on Patreon has this). Also, I'm working on making some beds available for the player across the different maps, because having to go back and forth so much to change the day can be annoying.
2) No. There are tons of games that focus on skinny and muscled characters, but not that many where you can have many options of chubby characters. If I had the time, I'd probably add more types of chubs, to make the game feel more varied, but keep it within my vision.
3) I am a one person team, so there is only so much I can do by myself. This means any ideas I had for side quests are things I see if I can add after I finish making the main story of the game.

On the other recommendations:

1) Yes, the errand system ended up not being as fun as I expected, so lowering the numbers might be a good idea.
2) This one is trickier to pull off. But the idea is that 5 stars interactions will be doable over and over again.
3) Characters you meet during errands will also be available to meet, just later in the game.
4 & 5) Combat balance is the weakest part of the game, because I'm mainly focused on the other aspects of it. As I said, I'm just one person and I do this during my free time, so it's unavoidable that some parts of the game will suffer for it.

Thanks, this game is the one that is taking more work than any of the other games I have made.

Have you talked to everyone at the campus?
If you did and can enter the dorms, you should talk to everyone there and someone will tell you to go back at night.
The guide has a walkthrough:

During the day Evan is at the Campus in the Staduim's Locker Room.

Thanks :)

Start the part of the barbarian or the dwarf, but then try to rescue Duncan on your own.

Go to the village.

It seems you were on the right path. After you have spied on him and found the old diary, you have to rescue him on your own.


The newest character (red big guy with a tail) should be in the volcano.

Not at the moment.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing ^_^

Yes, the game is a work in progress, and that part is not done yet... sorry -_-

You can't go there yet.

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At the moment I'm still adding new content to this game.

Thanks for playing ^_^