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Thanks :)

If we are talking of the last picture in the gallery (The mechanic good ending).
All you have to do is visit the Repair shop first and then go back to the Repair shop, get naked and accept the offer.
That should be enough to unlock it.

If we are talking of the last picture in the gallery (The mechanic good ending).
All you have to do is visit the Repair shop first and then go back to the Repair shop, get naked and accept the offer.
That should be enough to unlock it.

Which browser/device are you using?
You might need to clear cache.

It's not enough to have the key to enter the construction site area. You also have to go when no one is around to stop you. Try going to bed and coming back at night.

I'm pretty aware of the furry community 😋. Back when I published this game, I even made a post on my FA account.
But yeah, lately I have veered more into human territory, with a sprinkle of furs or monsters here and there when possible.

Yes, the game has no sound.

You have to visit the blacksmith so he shows you the old picture.
Then confront your uncle about your father and spy on him. Make sure to keep spying or the path won't be unlocked.
Let the barbarian rest, check the diary and then investigate things on your own.
That should get you in a good path.

This game is a collaboration, so adding more content would mean having both Rob and I stop our other projects to put on work on it, so I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's not a high priority.

No plans at the moment, sorry

you have to be very insistent on staying with your uncle and ignoring everyone else.

Thank you for playing :D

Thanks :D

Thanks for noticing. It should be fixed now!

I'm happy to hear that :)

Thank  you for playing :D

Thanks ^_^

I hope you enjoyed it :)

Hopefully before 2021, but no promises on that.

This version has the first two chapters (the second one is in the construction site).

Yes, you play in the browser.

This game requires a keyboard to play. Other than that it's pretty much like tetris.

Thanks, I did go overboard on the difficulty of that one. -_-

Thanks :D

Thanks for reporting the bug. ^_^

Only a web version, though it can be downloaded using the app

I'm sorry to hear that.
Sadly the game requires access to the localstorage to save and load.
I have tested on chrome for android and I couldn't find a way to reproduce the error :(

Sorry, I went overboard on the difficulty of that.
There is a guide on the game description, here is the link to the map:

One reason this could be happening is if you are browsing in a private/incognito tab. Since those do not allow the game to save your progress in the browser.

Sorry, the bathroom is decorative.

You can look for chocolate hidden around the dungeon to eat, or go back home and sleep.

I'm not sure what do you mean.
Basically all characters in the game are romanceable and they have unlockable art.
you mean more art?

I am still working on the game.
Ideally I will be updating this version every now and then, while the Patreon build will have the latest stuff.
I do plan to release the full game to the public once it's finished and I start a new project on Patreon.

Yeah, sorry about that. There are unidirectional teleports with a slightly different color, but it's a bit too subtle.
I added a map for that dungeon on the friendship list I posted in the game description:

if I had the budget I would consider commissioning custom music for the game.
But at the moment I'm sticking to music collections.

I bought some music collection for games from HumbleBundle some months ago and I pick what I don't hate from there.
If I added music composition to the things I do, I'd never finish the game (and I'd have to learn a lot about it first).

BTW: The music collection I bought is by Andrey Sitkov.

I'm sorry to hear that. Safari is probably the only browser I haven't tested (since I don't have a mac).
As I said before, the issue most likely lies with either using private browsing or having the browser set to erase data stored from sites.
I will ask some friends to see if they had this issue.

Thanks for playing the game, and for the feedback!

Fun thing about the keyboard, X already works as Escape and Z works as the Enter key. I will update the documentation so people know this.

There will be a way to lose to lower level demons in the following chapter. It's just not in the current public build.
I'm still debating over adding a monster menu, because the idea is that this is what the training room is for.
If enough people ask for this feature I will see how can I implement it.

Once again, thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback.

I am still working on the game.
I decided to do releases every now and then with newer chapters as I go along making it.
If you check the link on the game description you will find a list of all available people you can befriend and how far you can go with each.
You will notice there is a tab for the public version of the game and one for Patreon, this is because the people that support me there get the builds before, so that content will be eventually released for the general public.

Thanks :D