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Yea, thanks for the info. I already tried this today unfortunately it doesn’t works for me, I also update a lot of drivers including my GPU ones it still doesn’t solved the issue. Accordingly to what I read on Renpy website the newer version isn’t compatible with software rendering anymore and that sucks because it affects us that don’t have a dedicated GPU, mine’s onboard GPU

Is anyone having graphic issues on Win10? Just downloaded it to play after a long time then I notice the menus and subtitles are totally unreadable, impossible to play it like that, please look into this. I’m currently playing a lot of other games without any issues.

Afaik yes it is, last public build was released about 53 days ago and the patreon build is available already

Yeah you're right, nowadays everybody is playing mobile games even visual novels and such, so the devs are changing their focus to mobile lately

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Hey, Caesar!

Great job with this game, I liked the repair man route and also the darkest stall too... so juicy (chuckles) they were a great add-on, as always you did great man, congrats.

Tiger hugs =) 

Hey, Caesar!

That was a great and funny experience you brought us, this game is great and have a good pace, also the difficulty from stage to stage is just right, the game becomes more challenging and it means more fun and self accomplishment, I got through the boss with a few tries and well... the "after that" (giggles) it was GREAT I loved the surprise <3 

I'm excited for part 2, hope to play it soon.

Congrats for the great game, tiger hugs! 

I'm gonna play it again right away, can't wait to see it hehe, and also thanks for the reply, I'm hyped for the new update <3

Hey, Caesar!

I must say this was so nostalgic for me, of course... a bit more spicy, furry and juicy hehe and I loved it! I played a lot of the good 'ol WitWiCS and to see a game, not just a game but a furry-themed game in the same genre is a great surprise, also, I saw your post saying that you got some bad comments about this one and you're not planning to make a sequel, but I must tell you that you're great man and are above those comments, I hope my comment and of course of all who enjoyed this game as well reach you and maybe someday... you'll keep this amazing game alive <3

I'm really starting to be an enthusiast of your work, also I'm glad we "meet" again, I've played the early version of Rest Stop long ago somewhere I can't recall, but I liked it, and to find out you're it's author is just awesome!

Wish you success in every project! =)  (and a big hug)

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Hey, Caesar!

I really enjoyed the game, it's great and very promising I'm happy to hear that you're working on it and it will be more routes (and I guess...more chars), by now I loved the Glimrok route kinda romantic <3 imo.

Also I'd like to ask you how can I get Miles' gallery last scene I can't seem to find out ;-;

Anyway, congrats! Your game is awesome for a short story.