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Hi, i'm also starting developing similar game, so i'm glad that i can play your game. I have few sugestions, first the movement feels really wierd, accelerations for vertical movement is really low i think. Next is graphic, i know that you want something like pixelart but textures of tiles making me sick when moving, i would sugest to make them more "clean". I also found that pressing "enter" on my keyboard don't close any menu (when clicking on close) (but mouse can do this) :D Idea of building that structure is great ! that should be main motivation and plot, that you unlock new upgrades by reciewing more data with upgraded structure. Also you could add some way to remove stones, like they could have 10x more HP than regular block. And mayby work on some balancing that would encourage players to dig also into sides. But anyway, keep working, world deserve more games like this ^-^

Hey! Thank you for the great suggestions! Really cool that you're making a game in the same genre. I'm always eager to see what other people create. If you need any advice or have any questions about technical challenges you can PM me on Discord (Siduron#3378).