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The art was really cohesive, the sound effects and music complimented it well. However the collision is a bit finicky, I found I could get snagged on walls pretty easily (not a problem really, just something that could have been better).

I'm still stuck on the second puzzle. I know the answer is "BD3" but I don't know where I'm supposed to punch that in.


Also if you're need advice for getting fullscreen to work in LOVE2D I can help you out.

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I made a slight update that might make the second puzzle a fairer challenge.

I had designed the game in such a way that going full-screen somehow causes severe FPS dips, and so didn't make it an option. I'll probably have to trace my steps to figure out what needs to be different for the next game. Thanks for offering to help, sorry I don't have anything more specific than that.