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I made a slight update that might make the second puzzle a fairer challenge.

I had designed the game in such a way that going full-screen somehow causes severe FPS dips, and so didn't make it an option. I'll probably have to trace my steps to figure out what needs to be different for the next game. Thanks for offering to help, sorry I don't have anything more specific than that.

I made a slight update that might make getting there a more fair challenge

I want to eventually go back and fix all its bugs, and port it to other OS's. However, I'll have to wait to do that until after I am a lot more competent at software design.

It could be an antivirus problem. It might go through easier if downloaded from G.Drive (it probably won't but worth a shot.)

I don't think I'm going to make another game that involves wiggling into precise hitboxes as part of the challenge. That was a pretty dumb idea, and I only went with it because I couldn't think of enough alternatives to combat.

Alright, pretty sure I've fixed that issue. Thank you for the early report. I appreciate the thoughts on the musiclessness as well; I have recently thought that if I were to do a game like this again, I might include a CD player or jukebox that you can put on to fill up the house with music of your choice--perhaps after finding hidden CD's.

Dude what, that crash at the end is not supposed to happen. I even tested it last night and this wasn't the case, and yet now, somehow, it is happening just as you said. What???