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Okay, another day has come with enough boredom to make me think of this game. Are you planning to leave the amount of time spent at Lawmage Academy at 100 days? If so, I wouldn't be too happy. I think it would just be too short considering what's already there. It would make sense to me if the player were able to play through four years (1460 days) of daily activities, or at least four 100-day terms, Possibly with summer breaks or something. Anyway, just an idea.

Oh, do you have a discord server for this game? That would be nice.

The 100 Days isn't final. It will definitely increase! I am not too sure about 4 years though because that might take too long to make. Still, it will definitely be AT LEAST one year.


At least one year is fine


Ah also I don't have a Discord server for Lawmage Academy yet. Maybe next year? We'll see. Thanks for your interesr and suggestions!! ๐Ÿ˜Š