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Ugh, I loved this so much! It gave me such a warm, nostalgic feeling. You did a great job with this project. I really felt like I was reliving my childhood and visiting all the old games I used to play. The art is also really well done and I can see how much time went into it. Great job! 

Thank you a lot ^=^
I'm glad you had a great experience ! What would be the games you would revisit for a nostalgic trip ?

Oh man there's so many! 

Any of the LoZ games but especially A Link to the Past and Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros 1 & 2, Pokemon Blue, Harvest Moon, Star Fox Adventures, the list goes on! 

What about you? 

For me it would be RPG like Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10,10-2, Pokemon blue and gold and trading card game, Digimon World, Sim City 1, Golden Sun, Minish Cap, and some Playstation 1 fighting game like Star Gladiator or those ugly 3d Street Fighter Ex+ alpha...
You're right, there is too much stuff, haha...